Sustainable Business and Governance

We see sustainability as a holistic approach that influences all our internal and external processes, with a top-down approach. In order to become a resilient company, we consider sustainability concepts as a key focus area for our continued development and market intervention in our industry. Thus, we are determined to incorporate practices that guide our sustainable performance in all areas of our business.

In order to have a clear vision of our strategic objectives and to achieve the desired results, we have established a governance structure to promote sustainable business activities.

The following structure describes the roles and responsibilities in Autonom in implementing the Sustainability Strategic and further revision of our strategy per internal needs:

Strategic decisions, tracking the SPTs.
The role of the Sustainability Committee will be to:

The Sustainability Committee will meet twice per year and will have a Sustainability Management Review.

On specific topics, representatives of any other teams may also be included as deemed appropriate.

Implementing the Sustainability Strategy and monitoring progress towards our goals is closely linked to the way we run our business. Our main concern remains to offer quality services and to interact better and better with our clients and partners, in order to have a real positive impact on society. The Market Research Study approved for 2022 will give us an updated picture of business visibility and brand awareness.

Of course, business growth also means managing a growing database, which means optimizing resources and increasing the digitalisation of core processes.

Our progress in 2021