Towards a
Our sustainable business is growing
In 2021 we established our Sustainability Strategy and defined our three main pillars: Environment, Social and Governance, with a foreseen roadmap for 2020: 2030.
We are constantly engaging our stakeholders in our actions. We value their input to define our material aspects, helping to set the direction and actions to take in the future.
Mitigating Our CO2 impact
Our middle term target (2025) is to reduce the operational intensity of CO2 by 25%. And in the long run (2030) even more, by 51%.
99% of our carbon footprint consists of indirect emissions, associated with the operational lease and rent-a-car fleet.
Our 370 employees evolve daily
We value the personal development and wellbeing of our employees, facilitating friendly working conditions that promote cooperation and mutual appreciation.
We constantly engage in creating personalized development plans for each employee, coaching, training, reading, community involvement and many others included.
We love to be an active part of our communities
Being part of our communities and engaging in educational programs is part of our nature.
Since the beginning of Autonom, we have engaged in more than 630 projects in our communities.
Focus on responsible consumption
We are focused on responsible consumption and we plan to reach ZERO PAPER consumed in operational activities by 2030.
In 2021, we reduced our paper consumption by 37% from baseline 2020, reaching 2.2 tons of paper used and signed a national contract for paper, plastic, metal and glass recycling.
2021 was the year we decided to materialize our efforts and published our Sustainability Strategy, with a time horizon set for 2020 : 2030
Thank you for being part of our journey.