Management of the Organization

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 3 directors appointed by the GMS for a term of four 4, expiring on the 1st of November 2022. According to Autonom’s Articles of Association, at any time, the majority of the company’s directors will be non-executive directors. The Board of Directors supervises the work of the General Manager, and any member of the Board of Directors has the right to request information from the General Manager regarding the operational management of the company.

The members of the Board of Directors are responsible for:
  • The fulfillment of all obligations regarding the actual payments made by Autonom shareholders;
  • The actual existence of dividends paid;
  • The existence of the registers required by law and their correct keeping;
  • The exact fulfillment of GMS resolutions;
  • The fulfillment of any other duties imposed by law or by the Articles of Association.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors coordinates the work of the Board of Directors and reports to the GMS on the work of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may take valid decisions in the presence of a majority of its members, by majority vote. In the event of a tie, the vote of the Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be decisive.

The professional domicile of each member of the Board of Directors and of the General Manager is in Piatra Neamt, str. Fermelor nr.4, Neamt county.

At the time of preparation of this report, the Autonom Board of Directors consists of the following members:

Name and Surname




Mihaela-Angela Irimia

Chairman of the Board of Directors

1st of November 2014

1st of November 2022

Elena-Gianina Gherman

Member of the Board of Directors

7th of November 2014

1st of November 2022

Dan Iacob

Member of the Board of Directors

7th of November 2014

1st of November 2022

The operational management of the Group is delegated by the Board of Directors to a General Manager, who represents the company in dealings with third parties and in court. Currently, the General Manager of Autonom is Mihaela-Angela Irimia, appointed on the 1st of November 2014 for an indefinite period. Also, in the decision-making process, Marius Ștefan and Dan-George Ștefan, each as an employee of Autonom, have a decision-making role and a decisive contribution on the strategy and development directions of the group.

In the last 5 years, none of the members of the Board of Directors or the Executive Team has been prohibited by a court of law from serving as a member of the Board of Directors or supervisor of a company. In the last 5 years, there have been no cases of insolvency, liquidation, bankruptcy or special administration of companies, of which one of the members of the Board of Directors or the Autonom executive team is a member. In the last 5 years there have been no disputes or administrative proceedings involving any of the above members relating to their work in the company, as well as those concerning their ability to perform their duties in the company.

Management team:

Strategy and Policies

Since the company’s inception, Autonom’s vision has been to be an authentic business model and to have a positive impact on society and the environment. Engaging with the communities we are part of by supporting education is an integral part of our organizational culture.

We understand the impact our company can have on the environment and the community and climate change has become a major global concern. It is everyone’s responsibility, company or individual, to help preserve and create a better, safer and cleaner world, a friendly place to live and work. We are aware that the correct approach is to act preventively, before certain critical, perhaps even irreversible, thresholds are reached.

The application of sustainability practices places us among the top companies that demonstrate relevant concerns on issues such as increasing the quality of life, protecting ecosystems, conserving natural resources, all of which are the result of the correct implementation of sustainability actions.

Applicable policies

We place a major emphasis on issues of material importance to both Autonom and stakeholders. Our aim is to provide products/processes/services that are completely safe for both the human factor and the environment, while meeting the requirements of our customers.

At the heart of our concerns is permanently:
  • The quality of services offered to our customers, in order to increase trust and their satisfaction,
  • The person who has the right to a healthy life in an appropriate environment and
  • The environment and natural resources which must be protected and exploited as effectively as possible.
Thus, to support our commitment to customers, employees and the environment, the organization implemented in 2021 an Integrated Policy in the areas of Quality - Environmental protection - Occupational health and safety, that can be accessed at the following Link, attesting that the management system complies with the standards:
    • ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management System”,
    • ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management System”,
    • ISO 45001: 2018 “Occupational Health and Safety”.

To meet the requirements of our partners and to achieve economic performance, we are committed to periodically reviewing our quality – environmental protection – occupational health and safety policy to ensure that it is always appropriate to the realities of the organization.

General objectives are:
  • To continuously improve the integrated management system – environmental protection, occupational health and safety;
  • To increase customer confidence and satisfaction;
  • To improve the occupational health and safety performance, reducing the risk of accidents and occupational diseases for all persons involved in the work process, identifying, monitoring activities with particular and imminent danger;
  • To qualify, train and improve the level of professional training of staff, to know, apply and comply with the occupational health and safety provisions contained in the integrated management document, the legal requirements in force and those contained in the projects and technologies adopted;
  • To improve the management of natural resources, sustained use of renewable resources, reduction of negative environmental impacts and waste generation, and responsible and safe waste disposal;
  • To promote an open and continuous dialogue with stakeholders;
  • To support public initiatives and government programs aimed at environmental protection and occupational health and safety.
Action plans established:
  • Training of QMS (Quality Management System) personnel
  • Development and submission of customer satisfaction evaluation questionnaires;
  • Provision of qualified staff for OSH (Occupational Health and Safety);
  • Improving emergency response capacity.

Given the high exposure of drivers in our divisions to traffic hazards, our focus has been maintained on the rules of safe driving behavior. We organize an internal preventive driving course, which is voluntary for all employees but compulsory for those who have been involved in a road accident and must be repeated annually.

VMS (Vehicle Management Systems SRL) company, part of the Autonom group, that offers passenger transport services and chauffeur car rental, has obtained the ISO 39001: 2012 – Road safety management. As a result, targets and performance factors for road safety were set and monitored. For example, a driver selection and motivation process, route planning, a permitted number of driving hours, driving speed, technical condition of vehicles, driver awareness, training and physical condition, rules on wearing seat belts, recommended driving behavior in traffic or protective equipment depending on the vehicles used have been implemented.

Alignment to financial reporting standards, policies, auditing

Our vision is to become a model of excellence in management, business and social responsibility actions.

The integrated quality – environmental protection – health and operational safety management system provides a beneficial framework for the conduct of business. In addition to this, the main flows are monitored and audited internally on a regular basis.

We place great emphasis on transparency in financial reporting and follow closely the international standards in force. We conduct regular external financial audits, supported by an external third party company.

In December, Autonom launched on the Bucharest Stock Exchange the first corporate bond program in Romania and attracted in the inaugural tranche investments of €48.03 million, the largest corporate bond issuance by a Romanian entrepreneurial company and the first Sustainability-Linked Bonds issuance on the local market. A significant part of the capital attracted will be used for investment in the transition to green fleets, a key element for the company’s sustainable development.

The success of the AUT26E corporate bond issue is complemented by the receipt from Fitch Ratings of the ‘B(EXP)/RR5’ senior unsecured credit rating assigned to Autonom’s entire proposed bond issuance program.

The Autonom Services S.A. corporate bonds were admitted to trading on the Main Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, bond segment, on the 8th of December 2021 and are traded under the symbol AUT26E, with a nominal value of EUR 10,000, maturity of five years and a fixed interest rate of 4.11%, payable annually, adjustable according to the step-up mechanism by 0.30 percentage points in case of failure to meet the sustainability performance targets detailed in the PROSPECTUS.